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We love festivals, trips and parties

Sleeping Bells grew over 10 years out of our love for festivals and Bell Tents.

We still love festivals and Bell Tents, but the scenes changed, and so have we. 

Our school camping trip has turned into Edenfest, a festival for 300 in a organic dairy in Barnet, and our favourite festivals has been bought up by Capital FM!

We tried weddings, but there are a lot of Bridezillas around, but we still love a party.

So nowadays we do small intimate festivals, crazy out there school camping trips, and love filled parties.

If you have an event that you want to turn into a festival of love, and you want help, get in touch.

We don't need the work - all we need is love.

You will still find us at Glastonbury, Shindig, Campo Sancho (with Yazzy's Tea and Toasties), Wonderfest and Barry Ashworth's Mucky Weekender (which we give a shout out to as our favourite new festival). 

If you want to book at one of these festivals, you'll need to go to their websites.

If you want us to make your event something very special, call Jools on 07956 212819 or mail us

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